Tensoval duo control achieved A/B-grading in pregnant women according to the BHS standards

Annemarie De Greef, Jasleen Arora, Simon Hervey, Bing Liu and Andrew H. Shennan.


  • 30 pregnant women
  • 15 pregnant women suffering from pre-eclampsia


  • according to the BHS-protocol


  • Tensoval duo control achieved A grade for systolic and B grade for diastolic pressure values in pregnant woman according to the BHS protocol
  • The device also fulfi lled the AAMI criteria in pregnant women
  • In pregnant women suffering from pre-eclampsia Tensoval duo control achieved B grade for diastolic pressure and D grade for systolic pressure according to the BHS protocol.
  • For systolic pressure values the device did not fulfil AAMI criteria.

According to the investigators
'...Tensoval duo control can be recommended for clinical use in pregnancy...according to the BHS protocol...'

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