Comfort Air Technology of Tensoval mobil

Many automatic blood pressure devices use preset inflation pressures. Comfort Air Technology, on the other hand, automatically determines a person’s individual systolic (upper) blood pressure during inflation and adjusts the inflation pressure by adding 30 mmHg to this individual systolic pressure value.

For medical reasons and to ensure measuring accuracy, the inflation pressure used for blood pressure measurement should be about 30 mmHg greater than the expected systolic blood pressure value.

A user whose systolic blood pressure value is, for example, 130 mmHg and who is using a blood pressure device with a preset inflation pressure of, for example, 190 mmHg, may experience discomfort during blood pressure measurement because the difference between his systolic pressure and the device’s inflation pressure is large.

When using Comfort Air Technology, the pressure difference would be only 30 mmHg. Automatically determining this person’s individual systolic pressure during inflation rather than using a preset   inflation pressure, this technology would only inflate to 160 mmHg. This means that this blood pressure device only ever uses the inflation pressure that is really needed for accurate and gentle blood pressure measurements without causing user discomfort. Comfort Air Technology gives you accurate readings and is simple and comfortable to use.

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