Hypertension and dealing with stimulants

Don’t worry: You do not have to give up all stimulants when you are suffering from hypertension. There    is really nothing wrong with moderate coffee consumption (up to three cups a day) and an occasional glass of wine. However, you should give up smoking altogether.



Alcohol has long been a favourite and socially accepted stimulant.
There is nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol however is harmful to health. It damages the nervous system including the liver, the whole metabolism and can lead to severe hypertension. In addition, alcohol has many calories (7 kcal/g) and as such contributes to obesity.
When taking antihypertensive medication, alcohol can quickly lead to fatigue, something that can severely affect road safety.



Everyone knows the health hazards associated with smoking. Sufferers of hypertension who smoke are particularly at risk. They have double the risk of a heart attack compared with non-smokers with hypertension.
Each cigarette constricts the blood vessels, raises blood pressure and contributes to vascular calcification. Smoking less is not enough. The only way is to not smoke at all.

What are the benefits of stopping smoking?


Coffee and Tea

Contrary to popular belief, moderate consumption of coffee (up to three cups a day) does not lead to high blood pressure. After drinking a cup of coffee, this may indeed lead to a slight increase in blood pressure. However this lasts only briefly and is safe. People with very high blood pressure should only drink coffee with caution. There is nothing wrong with the consumption of black tea.

Hypertension and nutrition