Duo Sensor Technology of Tensoval Duo Control

The Duo Sensor Technology combines two advanced monitoring technologies: the oscillometric and the Korotkoff method. Primarily Korotkoff sounds are used to determine blood pressure whereas oscillometric technology is only engaged in exceptional cases.

The Korotkoff-Method affords a high measurement accuracy, low interference and correct measurement results even with heart-rhythm-diseases.
At patients with very low heart sounds (which can not be detected by the Korotkoff-Method) measurements will be performed automatically with the oscillometric measurement technology. Here, the heart sounds will be not detected, but the pulse waves in the arteries.

The duo Sensor Technology therefore is particularly suitable for patients which set a high value on measurement accuracy. This is very important in case of a medicinal treatment that the medical doctor will be able to decide the right dose of the medication.

Users with arrhythmias are able to detect high blood pressure measurement results by using an automatic blood pressure device.

Contrary to other auscultatory devices, the microphone of the Tensoval Duo Control is mounted in the device itself (rather than the cuff). This is reducing the susceptibility to malfunction from operating errors. The Duo Sensor Technology thus produces high accurate results and is still easy to use.

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