Hypertension and everyday relaxation

For patients with hypertension it is important to learn to cope with stress. There are various measures in everyday live which help to cope with stress.

Everyone should have a holiday lasting three weeks at least once a year. This is especially the case for patients with hypertension. People suffering from hypertension should prefer recreational holidays over active holidays. They are best able to tolerate a moderate climate. Rapid changes of climate and of time zones should be avoided, as should areas with a high level of humidity and high temperatures.

Of course, apart from extended holidays, there are other possibilities for providing relaxation in daily life. On the one hand, this may be a change of attitudes and ways of thinking and, on the other, activities which affect everyday life.

Attitudes and behaviour traits:

  • Avoid negative assumptions (e.g. everything always goes wrong with me, I can’t do it, etc.) and change your attitudes into positive assumptions (e.g. I can do it, I shall succeed, etc.).
  • If you are about to face a challenge or unpleasant situation, imagine what could happen in the worst case. Think about a viable way out of this situation and turn it to your benefit.
  • Assess critical situations positively. Find the positive side of your opponent. Try to understand his action and why he/she makes these decisions. After this, approach the situation again.
  • Solve your inner conflicts. If you are able to resolve the conflicts, you will achieve a relaxed attitude.
  • Analyse the stimuli that trouble you. After you know what troubles you, think about how you can minimise or eliminate these stimuli

Everyday activities

  • Give yourself breaks for relaxing. Not only during work, but also at weekends. In particular, ensure that you have enough sleep.
  • Promote positive communication.
  • Work on problems in your relationship. Marriage or cohabitation problems have a negative impact and cause stress.
  • Make your free time stimulating and varied. Sign up, for example, with a sports club. Make sure that you choose a sport that matches your physique which is free from competitive pressure and which takes into account the communicative aspect.

Hypertension and stress