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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about blood pressure measurement in general


What must be ensured when measuring blood pressure in the presence of abnormal heart rates?

It is not possible to make a general recommendation, since there is a large number of different abnormalities of heart rate, which must be considered individually. In principle, however, oscillometric devices can only measure accurately when the pulse signal provides utilisable values. In some arrhythmias (irregular heart beat), e.g. absolute arrhythmia, oscillometric measurement is not possible because of the "missed" and very irregular pulse signals. In this case, the stethoscope must be used. With milder or less frequent arrhythmias, oscillometric measurement is usually possible nonetheless. In the case of doubt, measurements should be taken several times at one-minute intervals and the readings averaged. However, in every case, you should discuss this in detail with your doctor.


Questions about measurement devices


Questions about measurement results


Questions about methods of blood pressure measurement