General measures to lower blood pressure

In order to lower blood pressure, it is a good idea in any case that the patient:

  1. adjusts his diet (balanced/wholesome, a lot of vegetables, fruit, fibre (e.g. wholegrain products, a small amount of animal fat), i.e. reducing existing overweight; and consumes little salt (below 6 g per day).
  2. does not smoke and drinks little alcohol (below 30 g/day in the case of man and/or below 15g /day in the case of women; (30 g = 2.5 glasses of wine à 0.125 l, 20 g = approx. 0.5 l beer)).
  3. regularly undertakes physical activity and movement – at least 2-3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. In particular, endurance training (swimming, hiking, cycling, nordic-walking,   cross-country skiing, golf) has a positive effect on blood pressure.
  4. reduces stress. Adequate sleep, short breathers during the day, the distribution of tasks, the   placing of responsibility as well as sport and a relaxing hobby all help to reduce constant internal tension.


With slight hypertension (approx. 140/90 mmHg ), these measures alone are often enough in order to normalise blood pressure again. In any case, a healthy, active lifestyle basically supports the efficacy of medical treatment.

Therapy of hypertension