Hypertension in children and adolescents

Although only 1% of all children and adolescents suffer from hypertension, a blood pressure check should be carried out once per year. In the case of disease symptoms such as dizziness, headache, blurred vision, but also in the case of heart and kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, a familial predisposition and obesity, blood pressure should be checked regularly by a doctor. In cases of mild hypertension, thorough application of general measures such as the reduction of obesity as well as a sporting activity is indicated also in children.

The table shows the upper limits of blood pressure for children and adolescents (according to age and/or body size):

   Systolic blood pressure  

 Diastolic blood pressure  

  Infants (1 year, body size:
 < 120  
  Young children (2-5 years,
  body size: 90-120cm) 
 < 125  < 75
  School children (6-11 years, 
  body size: 120-150cm) 
 < 135  < 80
  Adolescents (from 12 years,
  body size: from 150cm)
 < 140  < 90

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