Life with hypertension

The following pages will give you an idea how you can arrange your life with hypertension - it must not necessarily mean control and abdication.

A change in lifestyle is one of the most important prerequisites for successful hypertension therapy. In most cases, drug therapy (which often produces side effects) can be avoided or at least minimised. In the case of genetically-predisposed people, it is even possible to delay the occurrence of hypertension.
In addition to dietary changes, regular physical activity and successful stress management are crucial.

In the case of overweight sufferers, the normalisation of hypertension can be achieved through weight reduction. Weight loss of only 5 kg can lead to a reduction in blood pressure amounting to 10mmHg (systolic).
In addition, with hypertension, the sufferer should refrain from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. It is recommended that less than 30 g of alcohol is consumed per day (e.g. ¼ litre of 12% strength red wine = 12g of alcohol, ¼ litre of beer = 10 g alcohol).