Nutritional recommendations for patients with hypertension


Drink 1-2 litres of fluid per day, preferably in the form of unsweetened drinks, such as drinking water/mineral water or fruit/herbal teas
Consume caffeinated beverages (coffee, black/green tea) in moderation.



Eat 3 portions of vegetables per day, including at least one portion of raw vegetables (1 portion = at least 120 g of vegetables as a side dish, salad or soup).



Consume 2 portions of fruit per day (1 portion = at least 120 grams = 1 handful).
Each day one portion of fruit or vegetables serving can be replaced by 2 dl (200 ml) unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice.


Wholemeal products & pulses, other cereals products & potatoes

For each main meal, eat 1 starch-based side dish (i.e. 3 portions per day, 1 portion = 75 - 125 g of bread or 60 - 100 g of pulses [uncooked weight], e.g. lentils/chickpeas or 180 - 300 g potatoes or 45 - 75 g flakes/pasta /corn/rice/other cereals] [uncooked weight], of which, two portions should be in the form of wholemeal products where possible.


Milk, dairy products, meat, fish & eggs

Eat 1 portion of meat, fish, eggs, cheese or other sources of protein such as tofu or quorn per day alternating between them (1 portion = 100 - 120 g meat/fish [uncooked weight] or 2 - 3 eggs or 200 g quark/cottage cheese or 60 g hard cheese or 100 - 120 g tofu/quorn).
Eat sausage products, dry meat, bacon or cold cuts no more than once per week.
Eat fish once or twice per week.
Additionally consume 3 portions of milk or dairy
products per day, fat-reduced variants are  
preferable (1 portion = 2 dl (200 ml) milk or
150 - 180 g yoghurt or 200 g quark/cottage
cheese or 30 - 60g cheese).


Oils, fats & nuts

Use 2 - 3 teaspoons (10 - 15 g) high-grade vegetable-based oil such as rapeseed oil or olive oil for cold food per day (e.g. for salad dressings).
Use 2 - 3 teaspoons (10 - 15 g) vegetable-based oil as an ingredient for heating food (stewing, roasting) per day: e.g. olive oil is recommended.
If necessary, use 2 teaspoons (10 g) fat-based spread on bread per day (butter or margarine made from high-grade oils).
The daily consumption of 1 portion of nuts is recommended (1 portion = 20 - 30 g almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts etc.).


Sweets, salty snacks & energy drinks

Consume sweets and sweetened drinks (e.g. soft drinks, ice tea, energy drinks) in moderation. Consume no more than 1 portion daily (1 portion = e.g. 1 chocolate bar, 3 biscuits, 1 small piece of cake, 1 scoop of ice cream, 200 ml sweetened drink). Refrain from salty snacks as far as possible.
If alcoholic drinks are consumed, drink in moderation and as part of meals. For men, no more than 2 glasses of wine or beer, for women no
more than 1 glass
- include alcohol-free days.
Use iodised and fluoridated salt and salt food sparingly.

Hypertension and nutrition