Quality and accuracy of blood pressure monitors

High quality and accuracy of blood pressure monitors are crucial for reliable measurement results.

In recent years, the number of blood pressure monitors found in electronics stores, discount stores and medical supply stores has increased greatly. Unfortunately, only a few devices meet the standards of the most prestigious hypertension leagues such as the German Hypertension League, the British Hypertension Society or the European Hypertension Society. It is only on the basis of assessments made by these hypertension leagues that it is possible to distinguish good monitors from bad.

With Tensoval blood pressure monitors, HARTMANN has set itself the aim of setting the quality standard of blood pressure monitors as high as possible - for the benefit of all people who value the accurate checking of their blood pressure levels.
All Tensoval devices meet the highest standards of the hypertension leagues. In addition, other studies show that our blood pressure monitors yield the best results, even in special situations such as pregnancy or arrhythmia.
Renowned doctors and experts in the health sector confirm that you can rely on Tensoval blood pressure monitors.

We take your health to heart.