Swimming with hypertension

For patients with hypertension regular swimming is recommendable.

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports. It trains the cardiovascular system and in particular, the muscles that are important for the spine and joints.
Swimming is highly recommended for sufferers of obesity, as to a large extent the body has to be carried by the water and the weight is not put on the joints. Regular moderate training also burns calories and fat.
A strengthened cardiovascular system can also prevent cardiovascular diseases.

What should you watch out for when swimming?

  • It is advisable to train three times per week in a 30-minute training unit.
  • The intensity of the training should only be increased slowly.
  • At the start of the training, swim 2-3 lengths at a relaxed pace and increase slowly to your pace. At the end of training, you should slowly decrease the effort.
  • Proper technique is crucial in order to avoid physical injury. Proper swimming and breathing techniques can be provided in swimming lessons.

Technique: Backstroke with parallel stroke

  • Both arms simultaneously execute a pulling movement
  • Keep both arms in line with the body
  • Guide your hands upwards to the height of the armpit
  • Stretch your arms (right angle)
  • Then press your arms forcefully in the direction of the thigh
  • Short movements of the leg provide the drive
  • Imagine that small balls on the surface that you alternately kick out of the water with the toes.

Hypertension and sports