Hypertension and time management

For patients with hypertension it is important to learn to cope with stress. Stress often occurs because of an insufficient time management. With certain rules in planning your time stress can be avoided. 

With the help of good time management, it is possible to get a grip on stress in both the private as well as the professional environment.
The setting of main tasks and fixed allocated times is an important prerequisite for successful time management. First make yourself aware of your main tasks and then enter these as fixed times in a diary. After this, all other tasks and activities can be planned around these fixed dates.

However in the planning, certain rules have to be observed

  • Work units should not last longer than 60 minutes
  • The same work should be grouped together in blocks
  • From block to block, there should be variation within the areas of work
  • Short breaks of 5-15 minutes should be sandwiched between the work units
  • Difficult tasks that require concentration and strength should not be done in the ‘low period’ of the day (12.00-15.00)


In addition, one should keep a to-do list, which contains the task, the estimated time that is required for it and the completion date. Based on such a detailed list, it is possible to plan tasks in a useful and stress free way

Hypertension and stress