Upper arm monitors

HARTMANN’s blood pressure monitor assortment includes three upper arm monitors: Tensoval® duo control, Tensoval® comfort and Tensoval® comfort classic. Due to our innovative technology, we guarantee accurate and reliable measurement results.


Tensoval duo control

The Tensoval duo control combines two innovative measuring methods together with an improved user friendliness thus enabling optimal control of blood pressure easily at home. If you suffer from cardiac arrhythmia or severe hypertension, Tensoval duo control guarantees accurate checking of blood pressure levels...

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Tensoval comfort

If you are looking for a reliable blood pressure monitor for the upper arm that offers satisfaction through comfortable handling and accuracy, ask your pharmacist or specialist medical supplier about Tensoval comfort.

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Tensoval comfort classic

Tensoval comfort classic is a fully automatic, high-quality blood pressure monitor that provides quick and accurate measurements through its compact size, user-friendly design and its simple handling.

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